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Tending the Creative Flame
Art for Healing and Enjoyment
6 Week Series
Coming in 2023

Be nourished by the simple joy of creating.

In a society based on outer appearances and performance, creating for our own enjoyment is a radical act. 

Come remember the pure joy of creating.

The most brilliant work comes from a place of true inner connection, exploration, and nourishment, not from over-efforting.

In this 6 Week Intuitive Drawing class, we will take space from expectation, pressure to perform, trying to be good, to get it right, or in time…

We will come together in a playful and supportive container and allow ourselves to try things - to be repetitive, messy, silly, to be in our bodies and senses, to be in connection with the materials themselves to better allow us to find and follow enjoyment.  

Approaching ourselves and our process with kindness and curiosity, we will have room to relax, explore and find our true creative voice. 

What we’ll do during our 6 weeks together:

We will engage in a simple drawing practice that integrates ritual, meditation, and drawing.


 This practice can become a resource for any of life’s questions.
We will create art as a healing practice.


 This allows us an opportunity to digest experiences, access deeper wisdom, and discover our own creative medicine. Digesting our experiences enables us to process emotions and experiences so they are not lingering and taking up space in our minds, hearts and bodies. As we honor and digest unresolved experiences, we can find deeper resolution and harvest the incredible beauty of our lives. Creating in this way, we also develop deeper intimacy with ourselves, honoring our lives through the creative process. 

We will practice learning how to navigate the unknown through the creation of beauty. 

Learning how to navigate the unknown is a practical skill. We practice this skill through drawing (or picture-making). Drawing allows us to find a deeper way to trust our intuition, trust the pen on the page, and we strengthen our muscles for trusting ourselves in troubled times and through unknown futures. 


We will approach ourselves and our process with kindness and curiosity,

giving ourselves the room to relax, explore and find our true creative voice. 
We will practice staying present to the process and creative art experience.

There may be layers of discomfort, impatience, and fear. There may be playfulness and joy. Together, we will be honest and humble as we align with truth and resources so that we can be fully aware of our creative flow and prayer in motion.

We will establish a simple and regular creative practice of tending our creative flame,

which provides the opportunity for more enjoyment, flow, and beauty in our lives. We will move through our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving, and open to new possibilities.

We will practice in community,

which supports our commitment to a consistent practice and gives the opportunity to share and co-inspire as we go. 

We will draw, share, and reflect.

I will guide the process of setting up an intentional space, grounding, and creating from presence. I will share a teaching, a warm up, a meditation, we will draw, and then have time for sharing and reflecting. 


We will witness one another’s creations, engage in dialogue, and develop our ability to read visual imagery in order to better understand what is being expressed through our unconscious.

In times of uncertainty and overwhelm, it is essential to create generative opportunities to hear and feel our own true essence. 

In this 6-week journey, we do just that. Within this alchemical process, we transmute our emotions and daily concerns into medicine and beauty. 

You are held in a supportive and sacred space as you develop the skills to work with drawing as a path for inquiry and self-discovery, to fortify this connection, and build trust with your knowing and yourself as a creator.


This class is for all skill levels, offering healing to trained artists and beginner artists alike. The spacious intuitive process  helps you understand the language of what you are communicating, let go of judgements, and see your work with acceptance and curiosity.

Art is my Mystery School. 
Creating art is how I listen, remember, and pray. 
I am honored to share my practice with you!

It is best to attend live whenever possible. All classes are recorded and available for replay.

For a more personalized experience, try the series with 2 added 60 minute 1:1 Creative Support Sessions. These can be used at beginning, middle, or end of the series $450 (Save $50)

***If you would like to participate in the class solely through the recordings, please contact me at to let me know. In order to respect the intimate shared space, I want to touch base with you before I begin sending the recordings your way.


email Kristen at

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