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Sacred Art Alchemy 
Crafting Our Prayers 
6 Week Series
Mondays 1/10-2/14
3-6pm PST

Magic happens when we, as creators, bring the invisible into form. 


For centuries, we have created maps of consciousness in spoken word, song, movement, and visual forms. These sacred art forms carry truth and wisdom forward through the ages. They serve as helpers, teachers, and reminders reorienting us to the truth of who and what we are.


You can create your own sacred symbols and art, created in prayer by listening with your heart and hands. 


Different from symbols found in a book, your sacred art is born through you, of your essence, is in your language. Your sacred art holds the frequency of your prayers and intentions and expresses in your soul’s symbols.

In this six-week series, we will explore the art of crafting our prayers through the process of creating beautiful sacred art.

I will share sacred art from around the world that has personally inspired my creation path. We will be inspired by some universal images and symbols while we make room for your unique language to come through. 

We will create to digest, to alchemize, to align, to bless….

Together we will uncover our Sacred Art Medicine, discovering and crafting our prayers in a supportive and nourishing container. When we create in community, witnessing and being witnessed, our prayers are amplified. This is a precious gift.

You will be guided through a simple, repeatable art ritual, where you can shed judgements and outer influences, freeing you to create more fluidly from within.

Through this practice, you will learn how to ask big questions and create spaciousness for deep listening.

You will practice staying present to the process and creative art experience. There may be layers of discomfort, impatience and fear. There may be silliness, ease, and joy. Together, we will honesty and humbly align with truth and resources so that we can be fully aware of our creative flow and prayer in motion.

Art is my Mystery School. It is how I listen and pray. I am deeply honored and excited to share my practice with you!

Learn a simple drawing practice that integrates ritual, meditation, and drawing.

This practice can become a resource for any of life’s questions.


We will create art as a healing practice which allows us an opportunity to digest experiences, access deeper wisdom, and discover our own creative medicine. Digesting our experiences enables us to process emotions and experiences so they are not lingering and taking up space in our minds, hearts and bodies. We can move unresolved experiences in order to find deeper resolution and insights. Creating in this way, we also develop deeper intimacy with ourselves and our lives, honoring our lives through the creative process. 

We also practice learning how to navigate the unknown through the creation of beauty. 

Learning how to navigate the unknown is a practical skill. We practice this skill through drawing (or picture-making). Drawing allows us to find a deeper way to trust our intuition, trust the pen on the page, and we strengthen our muscles for trusting ourselves in troubled times and through unknown futures. 
When we have a simple and regular creative practice, we are tending our creative flame, which provides the opportunity for more enjoyment, flow, and beauty in our lives. We can move through our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving, opening to a multitude of new possibilities.

When we practice in community, we are supported to commit to a consistent practice and have an opportunity to share and co-inspire as we go. 

I will guide the process of setting up an intentional space, grounding, and creating from presence. I will share a teaching, a warm up, a meditation, we will draw, and then have time for sharing and reflecting. 

Through witnessing one another’s creations, and engaging in dialogue, we will gain tools to read visual imagery and understand what is being expressed through our unconscious as we are nourished by the simple joy of creating.

In times of uncertainty and overwhelm, it is essential to create generative opportunities to hear and feel our own true essence. 

In this journey, we do just that. In this alchemical process, we transmute our emotions and daily concerns into medicine and beauty. 

In this class, you will fortify this connection, building trust with your knowing and yourself as a creator.

This class is for people of all skill levels, and offers healing to trained artists and beginner artists alike. It will help you understand the language of what you are communicating, letting go of judgements and seeing your work with acceptance and curiosity.

It is best to attend live whenever possible and all classes will be recorded and available for replay.

We meet Mondays January 10 - February 14 

3 - 6 pm PST ~ $300


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