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Seeding New Visions Creation Ceremony

Saturday January 1, 2022
9am-2pm PST $88

In your heart of hearts,

how would you like to transition into the New Year?

How would it feel to consciously, gracefully, artfully invite yourself into the New Year?

How would it feel to dream into this next phase through play and creativity,

inviting yourself into your most inspired visions?

And to do so in supportive community who can hold your inspired vision with you?

This is exactly what we will be doing together on New Year's Day and you are invited.

Through playful inquiry and the creation process, we will amplify our magic, allowing our souls to speak through art.

Together we will discover, seed, and anchor our inspired visions for 2022.

You have the choice to create a more traditional, representational Vision Board or a sacred symbolic piece representing the essence of your dreams and prayers for the year.  

No prior art experience is necessary. All experience and skills levels are welcome.

Please join us!

Saturday January 1, 2022
9am-2pm PST $88


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