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Custom Sacred Artwork

Have you ever had a piece of art created just for you?

This is a one of a kind, special experience. It is a beautiful way to honor yourself, anchor a prayer, or celebrate a passage in your life.

It is my great joy to create in prayer a work of art inspired by your essence and imbued with your specific prayers.

These custom pieces, each unique, reveal themselves over time and offer beautiful medicine for years to come. 

We will meet to discuss you intention for the piece, I will channel a piece for you, and we meet again to unveil the piece and I will share any messages that came through during the creation process.

Prices depend on the size and medium. This also makes a very special gift.

Praise for Custom Sacred Art


"Kristen made a stunning piece of artwork for me.  It is a Resonance Shield that was made in relation to a story that had been given to me. The painting is absolutely stunning, but the experience was about so much more than just the final result. Kristen’s care and attention to detail was amazing and the process of the unveiling of the artwork was so powerful. Once the piece was delivered there were beautiful suggestions on how to receive this beautiful piece and we scheduled a call to get into the details of her process, what came up for her and discuss what came up for me. It is truly a sacred space that is created and an opportunity to expand in all ways. Expand imagination, time, expression and possibilities. I loved every minute of it and I love the artwork, which I will always cherish. Everyone deserves a little bit of this kind of magic in their life.

~ Amy Dietz


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