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Solstice Art Alchemy 

Turning the Churning Into New Light 

Wednesday December 21 4 - 7 pm PST

Art is an alchemical process. 


When we create, we have the opportunity to honor our experiences and our lives.


We can digest and assimilate our experiences, harvest the richness, wisdom, and beauty, and transform ourselves in the process.

In nature, the blossoms and leaves from the past cycle fall to the ground and are composted into soil, into nourishment food, and energy for the next cycle of life.

What better time than the darkest night of the year to practice some potent art alchemy?

When we create in alignment with the natural cycles, we harness the deep support of greater forces.

Turning the churning of our lives into new light and wisdom to carry forward. 

In this class we will create art as a healing practice which allows us an opportunity to digest experiences, access deeper wisdom, and discover our own creative medicine. Digesting our experiences enables us to process emotions and experiences so they are not lingering and taking up space in our minds, hearts and bodies. We can move unresolved experiences in order to find deeper resolution and insights. We then carry these insights and freedom forward, giving us more agency as we navigate our lives. Creating in this way, we also develop deeper intimacy with ourselves and our lives, honoring our lives through the creative process. 

You will be guided through a simple, repeatable, intuitive art ritual, where you can shed judgements and outer influences, freeing you to create more fluidly from within.

We will set up an intentional space, ground, and create from presence.

We will also have time for sharing and reflecting. 

Drawing is great for this process and you can use whichever materials you like or have on hand.

No prior art experience is necessary. All experience and skills levels are welcome.

Please join us!

Wednesday December 21 4 - 7 pm PST $55


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