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Creative Conduit and Catalyst

Alchemy of Art

Work with the Mystery and the Creation Process.


Solstice Art Alchemy
Turning the Churning into New Light
Monday December 20, 2021
3- 6 pm PST

A 3 hour Solstice class where we honor and alchemize that which is ready for transformation through the creation of art. This is the perfect time of year for digestion and assimilation, turning the soil of our life experiences and harvesting the beauty, wisdom, and light to carry forward. 


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New Years Creation Ceremony
Inspired Visions and Graceful Transitions
Saturday January 1, 2022
9am-2pm PST $88

A 5 hour New Year's Day Art Ceremony where we invite ourselves into a new yearly cycle with intention and grace, seeding inspired visions for 2022. We will inquire, journal, and create a beautiful sacred art piece to anchor the essence of out inspired visions for 2022. 

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Sacred Art Alchemy ~ Crafting Our Prayers 
6 Week Series
Mondays 1/10-2/14 3-6pm PDT

Magical alchemical sacred art series, where we explore

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6 Week Sacred Art

1:1 Sessions

Working with Kristen 1:1 is a gorgeous way to support your creative unfolding. Whether you are wanting to heal your relationship with creativity or birth a long term project, we offer custom designs for all things creative. 

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1:1 Sessions

Custom Artwork

Kristen creates a custom sacred work of art specifically for you. This includes a meeting to share your intentions and prayers and an unveiling meeting to receive the piece together and share what was revealed in the creation process.

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Custom Artwork

Love Notes


“The time I have spent with Kristen has been invaluable. The space that she has created is both safe and inspirational, literally and figuratively. This class is an experience and this experience has made it easy to cultivate that “creative feeling” and “inner artist” that I’d allowed to stay dormant for too long. Her class has changed my life... and I don’t think I will know just how much of an impact your class will have until a long time from now. But I’m so grateful for her and it and the group. "

~ Jessi Kempin, Stoking the the Sacred Spark participant

About Kristen

About Kristen


Kristen is a Memphis native and Visual Artist since childhood, exploring many mediums including clay, painting, mixed- media, songwriting, sound healing, and movement arts. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute of Art and Design and studied the healing and Somatic Arts for many years.


Kristen has had several painting shows at Perry Nicole Fine Arts in Memphis, TN and currently sells her beautiful ceramic wares in stores in the SF Bay Area.


She is a ritual artist and a lifetime student of the creative process. Art is her Mystery School.


She shares her wisdom with nuance and elegance, teaching from her own personal hero's journey. She teaches classes for Coherent Creators, helping realign people with their pure expression, embodiment, and joy of creating. Some have included Art Medicine, the Art of Visual Prayer, and Stoking the Sacred Spark. Kristen also works one on one as a Creativity Consultant and Guide.


Her work and process can be seen on Instagram @beautyweaving and Kristen Myers Arts and Creativity on Facebook.


email Kristen at

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