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1:1 Sessions and Series 

Sometimes we desire or require a more focused and intimate container. 

A present and experienced guide is very helpful when navigating difficult and unknown terrain.

A sacred witness is invaluable when birthing new bodies of work. 

Whether you are wanting to find your way back into joyful expression or need a midwife to hold you in your creative process, I am here. 

I am thrilled to support your creative journey with 1:1 support.

Together, we will create a custom design which best supports your needs. 

Praise for 1:1 Sessions with Kristen


"Kristen has been instrumental in guiding me on opening a new path for creative exploration in my life. I graduated from art school 30 years ago, and then moved in other directions, some creative, but mostly concerned with survival in the marketplace. A recent dive into some deep shadow work uncovered a strong need to revive and explore my creative path as a tool for deepening and integrating with what was being revealed. I’ve had to start with baby steps again, and Kristen’s one-on-one guidance has allowed me to feel the ground under my feet. She is a gentle listener, and reflects back some of my own wisdom I haven’t recognized, plus a good deal of her own resources and understanding gained from many years of working in this field. It’s been enormously helpful to be able to share my work with her, see her work and ways of working, and to explore somatic practices that allow me to go deeper into my path. She is a kind, open-hearted person who knows the tenderness of unfolding into a more authentic self. I’m so grateful our lives intersected in this way!"


~ Mary Schjeldahl, Intuitive Drawing participant  and 1:1 client

About Kristen

About Kristen


Kristen is a Memphis native and Visual Artist since childhood, exploring many mediums including clay, painting, mixed- media, songwriting, sound healing, and movement arts. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute of Art and Design and studied the healing and Somatic Arts for many years.


Kristen has had several painting shows at Perry Nicole Fine Arts in Memphis, TN and currently sells her beautiful ceramic wares in stores in the SF Bay Area.


She is a ritual artist and a lifetime student of the creative process. Art is her Mystery School.


She shares her wisdom with nuance and elegance, teaching from her own personal hero's journey. She teaches classes for Coherent Creators, helping realign people with their pure expression, embodiment, and joy of creating. Some have included Art Medicine, the Art of Visual Prayer, and Stoking the Sacred Spark. Kristen also works one on one as a Creativity Consultant and Guide.


Her work and process can be seen on Instagram @beautyweaving and Kristen Myers Arts and Creativity on Facebook.


email Kristen at

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